Shane graduated and moved to southern California to study music at Concordia University Irvine, while Lauren stayed in Wisconsin to finish out her two years in high school. 

We both decided that we were not going to let long-distance or the difference in time zones drive our relationship apart. For two years we called, texted, sent letters, and found ways to strengthen our relationship. 

One of our special things we did was text each other "11:11" at 11:11 am/pm as a way of saying, "Thinking About You and I Love You."

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About Lauren + Shane
Our story began at Living Word Lutheran when Shane was a junior and Lauren was a freshman. 

We got to know each other through music, track, and theater. On October 24th, when Lauren was a sophomore and Shane was a senior, Shane took Lauren to Lime Kiln Park where he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes!
After Lauren graduated from high school, she also moved out to California to study music and business at Concordia University Irvine. The two of us continued to grow as individuals and a couple. We started our own acoustic band called, "Shore Lane," and have been blessed to create music together and form amazing relationships with those who support us.

On May 6th, Shane took Lauren back to Lime Kiln Park for her birthday. At 11:11 am, in the same spot he asked her to be his girlfriend, Shane got down on one knee and asked Lauren if she would be his wife (she said yes!).
After almost six years of dating, maintaining a long-distance 
relationship, and surviving a pandemic, we feel so blessed to have each other and we cannot wait to start our next chapter together as husband and wife in Washington. God is good!
After Shane graduated from Concordia, the COVID-19 crisis began to sweep across the world. Everything shut down in California, Lauren's classes were moved to online, and everyone had to evacuate off-campus. Within two days, we packed up everything and road tripped back to our families in Wisconsin.
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